Kateřina Jirglová, Director 604 356 300

It is great to have the opportunity to spread the positive energy, joy, respect and love. I always enjoy working on things that have a long-term sense and bring benefit. In Mezi námi, we together are helping to organize meetings of older adults with children, where indescribable experiences occur which fills me with the feeling that this job is the right one.

Veronika Jeriová 775 664 660

I'd like to do something useful, where I see the results promptly, where I can help someone and make someone happy. To create something, to feel useful, immediate feedback during the meeting, see the joy. This is for me the biggest motivation for further work.

Board of Governors

Tomáš Jirgl

Head of the Board

Vladimír Staňura

Pavel Šiška

Supervisory Board

Ivan Egyed

Head of the Board

Jan Bím

Jan Binar

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