Using their rich experience with the leadership of the intergenerational activities Mezi námi also organizes intergenerational workshops for the general public. A joint creative workshop can take place in different areas according to the current supply, demand and possibilities (e.g., spring or christmas fairs, various community events, but also for a closed company). Visitors can enjoy in the pleasant company trying out diverse art and craft activities suitable for all generations … and our little ones can try to spend time with a fairytale grandmother or grandfather.

What do we offer:
ensure creative workshops “on key” (selection of appropriate activities, provision of equipment and material, methodological guidance)
rich experience in the field of intergenerational activities
the presence of the professional worker form Mezi námi and experienced older adults (who are reading in the kindergartens in frame of the program READ)
photo documentation of the workshop (amateur or professional photos, video – according to the agreement)
communication about the workshop in the communication channels of Mezi námi (the social network and the web Mezi námi and our supporters)
an interesting activity for you, your coworkers, your clients . . . for everyone and for all generations

What do we need:
suitable premises with facilities for the anticipated number of participants, i.e. tables, chairs, lighting of the working area, etc. (in the case of an public event for – min. for 8-12 persons) ensuring the communication and promotion according to the manual (use of logo, use of references, texts)